Trackside boxes Style 2

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Laser cut boxes for use while slot car racing. Speed up your pit times!

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These are laser cut from 1/8" premium Baltic Birch laser grade plywood. The finger joint design make these boxes exceptionally strong and resilient and they are glued up with Titebond. They are unfinished to allow you the finish of your choosing. I use mine just like it is but you could clear coat them or paint them to suit your taste.

The hanger on the back allows you to hang the box on the perimeter wall of the slot track while servicing and also to hang on the wall at the drivers station during the race so it’s handy to get to. Includes an extra spacer if you need to adjust the standoff depth for thicker track wall configurations.

There are 2 different styles available..... This style includes the center section tor allen wrenches, etc.

The small square sections fit a VooDoo bottle nicely!

Dimensions -

4 3/4" x 3 1/8" x 2 1/8"

The large round holes are 0.60"

The small round holes are 0.125"


Awesome quality and these are so handy. Love mine!

Gary D.

Can't say enough good stuff about these. The quality is amazing and they are a real asset on race day. I use mine all the time!
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