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Lakeshore Leather products are individually crafted by hand with customer satisfaction always as our top priority. There is no mass production here!

This ensures that you will receive a top quality item each and every time that is made with care and attention to detail. We believe that this is the way things should be done and we do exactly that!

Old World Craftsmanship joins modern technology for the win!

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Our Holsters are custom molded and fitted by hand to insure proper fit and retention. They are designed for use with an 1 1/2" belt but other widths can be accomodated.

Please take a few moments to look around our website. If you have any questions at all you can contact us by clicking the contact link in the menu above. We will return your message asap.


No more wimpy holsters!

Ease of reholstering is assured with our in waist band holsters due to a steel reinforced mouth that keeps them open with the gun withdrawn. How frustrating is that, right? No more with our design.

We use a combat cut on all of our holsters to allow you to easily and properly grip your firearm while withdrawing it from the holster. This provides for a secure grip each and every time.

Lakeshore Leather holsters are also designed with a slight forward cant to make drawing and reholstering an easy and natural feeling movement. They are very comfortable to wear and you just might forget you even have it on!

Another inportant feature of our holsters is an integrated channel for the front sight so that it will not drag while holstering or unholstering your gun.

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As you can see in the pictures, we incorporate a sweat shield on all of our holsters to keep the metal of the gun from contacting your skin or clothing. This protects your skin and your clothing as well as protecting the gun from damage. Some makers will charge extra for this but it's standard with all Lakeshore Leather holsters. Holsters should have them and ours do!



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Only the finest tooling/molding leather is used for our products. All of our holsters are oil impregnated and hand rubbed to resist water, sweat, etc. and then several coats of sealer are applied. This leaves a very attractive and durable finish.

Heavy duty waxed thread is used for the stitching and it is hand sewn in a recessed channel to prevent wear. With proper care our holsters could last a lifetime!

You won't find any rough edges on our holsters like you will on some of the items available on the market. We take the extra time to do things right!

Please note -
The differences in the way monitors display colors may make the product that you receive slightly different in color than what is seen on our website.

Holster Orders may take 2-3 weeks depending on work load. Trust us, it's worth the wait!! You can find cheaper holsters on the market but as the old saying goes.... you get what you pay for.... Lakeshore Leather holsters ARE the 'Good Stuff'.

If you have a need for something that is not listed here use our Contact Form contact form to ask about availability. We should be able to meet any need you may have.

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