Outside the waist band holsters

Our Holsters are custom molded and fitted by hand to insure proper fit and retention.

Our EZ-Snap holsters have two straps that are designed to wrap around a 1 1/2" belt and secure with a nice strong snap. We can accommodate larger belts if needed, just let us know. This method makes it very easy to mount and dismount the holster from your belt without pulling the belt out of the loops. Many people prefer this style for it's ease of use, they do work really well!

The pancake style are sometimes called a 'belt slide' holster and are very popular and simplistic in the design. Simply slide your belt through the loops and you are done and very secure.

As you can see in the pictures, we incorporate a sweat shield on all of our holsters to keep the metal/oil of the gun from contacting your skin or clothing. This protects your skin and it protects your clothing as well as protecting the gun from damage. Some makers will charge extra for this but it's standard with all LSL holsters. Holsters should have them and ours do!

The cartridge holder for the Judge models is sewn on and not removable.

All of our holsters are hand made with quality, fit, and finish always in mind with customer satisfaction #1 on our list!


  • Top quality leather
  • Top quality hardware
  • Incorporated sight channel
  • Nicely burnished edges
  • Hand sewn with heavy duty waxed polyester thread
  • Sweat shield
  • All day comfort
  • Excellent retention
  • Professional oil dyes used
  • Oil impregnated
  • Several coats of sealer applied for a very durable and attractive finish
  • Made in the USA!